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Actress Emma Watson feigned modesty by performing the “handbra”, covering her tiny tits in the photo above. Emma Watson is fooling no one by pretending to be shy about showing her breasts in this photo. After years of Emma selling sex and devil worship on the big screen for the Harry Potter franchise, her soul is already beyond redemption.Emma Watson must accept that she is nothing but fodder for erotic self-flagellation. If Emma continues being a stuck up bitch, then she will no longer serve a useful purpose and should be sent to the salt mines post haste. With the theatrical release of the final Harry Potter movie just days away, a controversial movie poster for the film featuring Emma Watson’s character “Hermione” completely naked has been leaked to the Internet. This poster of a naked Emma Watson is obviously a last ditch attempt to draw attention to the new Harry Potter movie by using sex to appeal to audiences’ baser instincts. Sadly for Harry Potter producers, naked or not, Emma Watson is completely lacking in sex appeal.


nude Emma Watson

appears to be completely nude in this never before seen “Harry Potter” outtake. In the Harry Potter films Emma Watson plays the role of Hermione Granger, a Satan worshiping witch slut with a fetish for freckled ginger cock. Unfortunately the director was unable to fully capture the truly depraved nature of Emma Watson’s character, and still keep the films PG-13 rating. Thus scenes like this one of Emma Watson nude and about to vigorously dildo her sin holes while reciting Satanic spells were reluctantly edited out. As you can see in the photo above, a nude Snapchat photo of actress Emma Watson has just been leaked online. Emma reportedly sent this nude photo to “One Direction” frontman and her on and off again boyfriend Harry Styles. No word yet if the photo was hacked off of Emma’s cell phone or off of Harry’s, but regardless of how it got out it is clear from the caption that Emma Watson is going to be pissed.  In fact, British police are allegedly taking the caption in this photo quite seriously, and are already investigating Emma Watson for making “criminal threats” against Harry for saying that she’d kill him if anyone else ever saw this nude Snapchat pic. For his part Harry Styles has told investigators that he does fear for his life and has constantly been overcome by the “vapors” since the leaking of this pic, for he is a foppish scrawny dandy of a man who could be easily physically dominated by even a tiny woman like Emma Watson.

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