Amber Rose and Nick Cannon’s sex tape video leaked

Amber Rose and Nick Cannon’s sex tape video has just been leaked online. Though Amber Rose and Nick Cannon have recently started dating again, this sex tape video appears to be from years ago… Before Amber was rappers Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa’s hoe, and Nick was Mariah Carey’s hoe… Back in a simpler time when Amber was still just a lowly Hollywood hooker (instead of the famous high priced prostitute she is today), and Nick was just starting to make it big in the entertainment industry sucking off producers at MTV.

As you can see in the video above, Nick Cannon enjoyed waking Amber up every morning after her long night of walking the streets servicing clients in the backs of cars, by sucking out the spunk from her pounded out lady hole. He would then flip Amber over and bang her from behind because it was easy to imagine that her fat ass belonged to his first crush and fellow “All That” castmate Kenan Thompson. This pictures are snapped originally while they are having sex in a morning & its exposed by reporters nearby them

These leaked nudes are almost certainly a ploy by Amber Heard to get one of us virile Muslim men to come bang her properly (like only we can) behind Johnny’s back. Unfortunately for Amber that will never happen, as us Muslim men have standards and morals and would never become eskimo brothers with the likes of Johnny Deep… especially after that awful “The Lone Ranger” movie.

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