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Charlotte Crosby  : The Geordie Shore star has headed off on a relaxing break to Cape Verde – and couldn’t wait to strip off around the pool She has spent months – and a small fortune – on overhauling her look.So it was no surprise Charlotte Crosby was keen to show off all her hard work as she enjoyed a sun-soaked holiday. Charlotte then took a dip in the pool and showed off her famous behind, which looked perfectly pert in the swimsuit.The skimpy number displayed her sculpted abs, which are down to the exercise DVDs she released since last year.

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The Geordie Shore star has headed off on a relaxing break to Cape Verd

The reality star explained how much ‘hard work’ she’s put into her major makeover, telling the Loose Women: ‘It’s hard work especially with being in Geordie Shore at the same time, I’m doing two things that totally contradict each other. I’m trying to stay fit, healthy and slim but then eating pizzas, kebabs and drinking Jägerbombs.

As for her nose, Charlotte admits that while ‘lots of people didn’t think there was anything wrong with it before, if I had a good before and after picture you’d be able to see the difference.’When the show flashed up a photo of Charlotte straight after her surgery with a bruised and swollen face, Janet jumped in, asking: ‘Did you have your eyes done at the same time because it certainly looks like it!’An uncomfortable looking Charlotte glossed over the question and talk turned to her lips, with the star admitting she’s had fillers.

The trip comes after Charlotte was forced to defend spending thousands on cosmetic procedures to enhance her image.This month the Geordie Shore star was grilled by the Loose Women panelist who insisted she wasn’t setting a good example to her young fans by going under the knife. ‘I was kind of bubbly and fun but with boys and when it came to flirting or dating or being sexy, like at a photoshoot with all the girls, I would hate it. I would lock myself in the dressing room and cry.”I just never felt confident in a sexy way.’Charlotte was appearing on the ITV show to talk about her remarkable transformation which has seen her lose three stone in weight as have cosmetic surgery.



But when Loose Women panellist Katie Price started sharing her experience of cosmetic surgery with Charlotte, Janet interrupted again, exclaiming ‘excuse me but just me how is that work, spending money on surgery?’
‘I was talking about losing weight,’ pointed out Charlotte, adding that her surgery has given her a huge confidence boost.

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