Megan McKenna:

Megan McKenna has made a name for herself as one of the more colourful characters to enjoy a sting in the Big Brother house. But the TOWIE star tells FEMAIL that she simply doesn’t care if she’s criticised for her behaviour on reality TV. In fact, the 23-year-old says she likes to give trolls a taste of their own medicine by sending them messages that quickly ‘put them in their place’. She said: ‘I like replying to the nice tweets, but I like replying to the bad tweets too. I like to put people in their place, it’s fun.  ‘With every bad tweet I get, there are loads of good ones.


I get loads of good ones, I focus on the good ones.’ Megan came under fire for her fiery temper after her appearance on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother but says she doesn’t take the comments aimed at her online seriously. In fact, there’s one accusation that she takes as a compliment – when trolls insist that she’s had a helping band with her ‘plump’ bum.  Megan said: ‘The only surgery I’ve had is my lips, I haven’t had anything in my bum – I don’t need to I’ve got a big bum! I take it as a compliment.’ She also insists that she won’t go under the knife to change her look even more. ‘I like the whole natural vibe,’ she said. ‘I don’t like the fake look.’ Now the TV personality has become a model, showing off her physique in bright bikinis and delicate beachwear for a new collection with Miss Pap – but she reveals that she never sets foot in the gym.   Megan admitted: ‘I hate the gym, working out in front of people makes me feel really insecure.  ‘I don’t really work out but I run around a lot and I’m always travelling so it’s not like I’m sat around slobbing at home.’ Her stunning figure is down to a ‘naturally fast metabolism’ since she doesn’t worry about her figure, although she does need to eat carefully has she has coeliac disease, an intolerance to gluten that can have serious long-term health consequences.  She said: ‘I have to watch what I eat all the time. I do actually eat quite well, I have to make all my meals from scratch to make sure there’s no gluten.’ Designing the range is ‘100 per cent’ a dream come true for Megan who can’t wait to see women in her clothes. And there’s one prolific selfie lover who is number one on her list. ‘I’d love a Kardashian wearing it – that’s a bit far-fetched,’ she laughed. ‘I love Kim Kardashian’s style. Some of her stuff I say to the Miss Pap team “Can you design something similar to this?” ‘She just looks a million dollars. ‘But I’d love to see people all over the world in the collection. All age ranges can wear it as well, young girls and older women. My mum wears some of the collection, she loves the waterfall jacket.’ Creating her own designs has always been an aim for Megan, ‘I’ve always wanted young girls to look up to me and want to wear my stuff,’ she said. ‘My dream was always to become an icon and it’s such a nice feeling to achieve that. I’m proud of myself.’ The collection, which launches tomorrow, has got ‘two vibes.’ Megan described one half as ‘quite edgy and cool. Some of it you’d wear with trainers and a visor and it’s luminous and a bit neon. ‘Then it goes to Marbella glam, that you’d wear with wedges and would look so good poolside.’ One of Megan’s favourite designs is a coral-pink bikini, which ‘makes you look really tanned’ and a purple boho-style co-ord, which was inspired by glamorous Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. She took a hands on approach going into the studio with designers and picking the materials and patterns. And boyfriend and TOWIE co-star Pete Wicks was impressed with how dedicated she was – but he was blown away when she gave him a sneak peek at the collection.   Megan said: ‘Pete’s seen a few pictures from the shoot and said: “Oh my God, you look amazing.”  ‘He’s a great boyfriend, he’s very   supportive.’

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