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Kenny Naked Photos leaked

It really saddens us when reporters write stories without proper investigations. Even though Malawi is mostly a free country, media houses and reporters have been known to take shortcuts and hence make blunders even in newspapers and blogs.

At our site we always try to have the full story before we publish anything that’s why when the story came out about the naked banker pictures of a Nigerian, then Kenny exposed, we had to go behind and really find out if this was true or not, which other websites have failed to do. The story that came out today about a Nigerian Kenny photos exposed is true, the pictures presented in the story at that of a Nigerian Nigerian Kenny and prostitute Nigerian Kenny . These pictures from her boyfriend’s mobile. Her boyfriend leaked the photos without any discussion between them. So it really very injustice for Nigerian Kenny.

Wonders will never end in this country. We now have a generation who would do anything to be popular. The lady above, Blessing who claims she is a model, shared bathroom nude pictures on social media as Promo pictures. When blasted by the followers,

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